Saman Tavan Energy Company was established on 2009 under the registraon No.367819 in companies’ Registraon  office in Tehran with the primary goal of supplying, consulting, engineering, implementation and installing industrial  projects in master industrial fields such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Power‐Plants, water and waste water companies.  Our company with collaboration of its offices, partners and joint ventures in Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea, People  Republic  of  China,  Turkey,  India,  CIS  countries,  UAE,  Oman  and  Iraq  and  also  with  communicating  with  the  most  professional experts, manufacturers and goods’ suppliers in other countries can provide and present the most desirable and  competitive condition (quality, time and price) in consulting, engineering, implementation and procurement services.  The scope of our company’s services is as the follow:

  1. Executing industrial and automation projects.
  2. Implementing power plant projects (small and large scale) based on renewable energy.
  3. Supplying merchandises according to technical and engineering standards.


Be the most well‐known commercial company in fields of oil, gas, petrochemical and steel industry and also becoming one  of the five prominent Iranian companies in renewable energy scope.


Saman Tavan Energy Co. is obligated to supply taskmasters’ demands with considering to the customers’ requirements in  different industries, besides noticing the best condition including quality, delivery time and price.  One of the other goals of STE, according to the increasing importance of expanding renewable energy issues, is to endeavor  to meet all needs of its customers such as consulting, purchasing, installing and implementation renewable energy based  projects.   All of these targets are based on the expertise and ability of experienced and committed staffs in STE to provide the best  possible service for respected employers.


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